CABI joins FAO in official launch for International Year of Plant Health 2020

Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann at FAO
Dr Ulrich Kuhlmann - Photo: FAO CABI this week joined the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) for the official launch of the inaugural International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) 2020, previously proclaimed as part of a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly in December 2018.…
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Latest ‘crop’ of MAS in ICM students graduate with honours

MAS in ICM graduates 2019
MAS in ICM graduates 2019 celebrate their success Now in its fifth year, the Masters of Advanced Studies in Integrated Crop Management (MAS in ICM) course, coordinated by CABI and the University of Neuchâtel, celebrated the graduation of twelve more international students last month. A ceremony…
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CABI researchers join over 11,000 world scientists in warning of climate emergency

Climate change drought
CABI researchers are among more than 11,000 world scientists who have penned their signatures to a paper, published in the journal BioScience, which warns of a climate change emergency facing the Earth. Dr Roger Day, Dr Hariet Hinz, Dr Emma Jenner, Dr Urs Schaffner and Brandon Whitehead have all signed…
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The value smallholders place on pollinators highlighted in ecological intensification study

Ecological intensification
CABI has led new research which reveals that more than half (57 percent) of smallholder farmers in two Kenyan counties have knowledge of pollination and consciously act to maintain bees, birds and butterflies while fighting pests and diseases including the Fall armyworm and coffee berry disease.
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CABI’s expertise on digital pest management showcased on Vietnamese TV

Vietnamese's HDTV reports on partnership who will create digital image recognition software to identify crop pests and diseases including brown spot of dragon fruit CABI's expertise on digital pest and disease management has been showcased on the Vietnamese TV channel HDTV. This follows the signing of…
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SciDev.Net to help scientists better communicate their research for development

SciDev.Net is embarking on a £234,000 project to help 500 scientists from 10 institutions better communicate their research to the world’s media and have a greater influence on national and global policy and decision making.
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CABI convenes conference to showcase learning on development communications in agriculture

CABI is hosting a one-day conference to highlight the vital role development communications in agriculture plays in helping the world’s smallholder farmers maximise their profits and contribute towards ensuring global food security.
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Report on Zika virus scoops SciDev.Net journalist top national award

Journalist Claudia Mazzeo has been honoured by the Argentinean Society of Medical Journalism, member of the Medical Association of Argentina, for her article published by SciDev.Net about the threat of Zika virus in Latin America.
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CABI searches for biological control to halt surge of papaya mealybug menace in Kenya

Papaya mealybug can devastate a whole crop unless it is controlled CABI scientists are working with partners in Kenya to find a natural enemy to fight the invasive papaya mealybug pest (Paracoccus marginatus) which can devastate whole crops if left unmanaged. Fernadis Makale, an Invasive Species…
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CABI joins forces to fight fruit fly and mango hopper pests in Pakistan

MoU signing: Riaz Mahmood-Biological Control NEFR Specialist-CABI, Prof Dr Abdu Ghani Lanjar, Dean Faculty of Crop Protection (FCPT)-SAU, Prof Dr Mujeebuddin Memon, Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam, Engineer Syed Nadeem Shah, Project Director-SIAPEP A tripartite agreement has been signed by CABI’s Biological Control NEFR…
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